1. SavannahMann

    Blatant double standard.

    Every time some poor Black guy gets beaten to death we hear the Right Wing pontificate about how the accused should be smart and fight it out in court. Black guy gets killed. He should have complied and fight it out in court. Now. Trump is charged with a crime. I’ve said several times. I don’t...
  2. Dan Stubbs

    Democratic Judge can not vote. look like the 9th Federal Court Judge messed up. Federal judges can’t decide cases from the grave, the Supreme Court ruled Monday. At issue was an unusual and unfortunate development in an appeals-court case about gender pay disparities...
  3. deanrd

    What's with all the secrecy between the Supreme Court and Robert Mueller? Anyone?

    Chief Justice pauses contempt order for mystery company in Mueller investigation - CNNPolitics The company asked the Supreme Court to intervene after a federal appeals court ruling that ordered the company to comply with the subpoena, which required it to turn over "information" about its...
  4. E

    Alaska Native Justice Center Is this appropriate? I hate specialty courts. In my hometown in the lower 48 there are several: Veterans Court, Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Immigration Court, Divorce Court to name a few. It is always the same. Defense and Prosecution work together as a "team" for the...
  5. Dan Stubbs

    Bias on the highest Court in question

    Here is a question, that is going to be in play. President Trump is going to, sooner or later, have a case to be decided by the Supreme Court. Ginsburge has a problem as a Progressive Judge because she made a statement as follows: In interviews with the Associated Press and the New York Times...
  6. American_Jihad


    People of color have a problem, to many devils talking B/S in your ears... HISPANIC TELEVISION'S MOST INFLUENTIAL RACIALIST The tribal mentality of Jorge Ramos. February 8, 2016 John Perazzo Jorge Ramos, whomThe Wall Street Journal has described as “Hispanic TV’s No. 1 correspondent and key...

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