1. Dan Stubbs

    Seattle Cops turning in badge and quiting the Department in Droves.

    It seem the Progressives have thinned the Herd in the Police Department by their Anit-Police attitudes. You can always look at it like they were looking for a Job when they found that one. At least 41 cops have left the Seattle Police Department this year, many of them reportedly citing...
  2. justinacolmena

    Anchorage Law Enforcement FAIL

    Anchorage Police Department Listen, you filthy city hall scumbag swine! "Established criteria" are not okay for directing youth in a free country. First fail. Policing is a an adult, 21+ business. Police officers use handguns and handle drunks. There is no "pathway to policing" for...
  3. Dan Stubbs

    Man Changes plea in the Killing of two police officers

    An Iowa man has changed his plea and admitted to killing two Des Moines-area police officers last fall. guilty to the shooting deaths of Urbandale officer Justin Martin and Des Moines Sgt. Anthony Beminio. He was immediately sentenced to life sentences for two counts of first-degree murder.The...
  4. Stayfly

    Hey! Over Here! Look at this!

    I am a postgrad student who is currently undertaking a researching how corruption affects African-Americans in the criminal justice system. During the course of my undergraduate degree i became intrested in social injustice directed at ethnic minorities and studying human rights has further...

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