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  1. Street Juice

    Yeah, I'm a white nationalist. Here's why.

    I am a nationalist because humans group. We group according to our race, our gender, our culture, our religion, our language, our politics, our education, our occupation, our region, our age, and in many other ways. We also group according to nation. All groupings carry the potential for...
  2. deanrd

    The media doesn’t seem to care about anything but creating conflict.

    I just get so sick of the media giving half the story and stopping there For instance, the way they handle abortion. Instead of just calling it people that are pro women’s rights and antiabortion they have to say we ask questions like are you pro life? Everybody is pro life. Because everybody...
  3. ding

    Are there moral laws like physical laws?

    Everyone accepts that there are physical laws. If you jump off a building and try to fly by flapping your arms, gravity will take hold and you will fall. The consequences of violating physical laws are immediate and cannot be disputed. So are there moral laws as well? I say yes. So why do I...
  4. xyz

    Trump Foreign Investments and Conflicts of Interest

    ‘A recipe for scandal’: Trump conflicts of interest point to constitutional crisis‘ I guess the US is entering uncharted territory, as there has never been a president with so many foreign investments, and conflicts of interest, including the investments in the US itself. However, that chart...
  5. MindWars

    WAR DRUMS: DEFCON Warning System Has Just Been Raised To DEFCON 3

    The DEFCON Warning System Alert status has just been raised to code Yellow. DEFCON 3. Tensions between Russia and the United States have reached levels beyond the cold war in the recent week. The situation between Russia and the United States is extremely fluid at the moment. In all likelihood...

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