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  1. S

    Increase effective prices for broadcasting commercial time.

    Increase effective prices for broadcasting commercial time. Many of us are concerned about the huge and growing expenditures for seeking elected offices. I suppose purchasing electronic broadcasting time or space on internet screens is the most expensive single items for national and...
  2. J

    East Hills

    Where Can I Find A Video Of This Advertisement From,Perhaps,The 1990's For East Hills,A Place That Probably Sold Cars On Long Island? In The Advertisement That I Am Referring To,We Hear Some Singing & There Are Some Girls/Women Dressed Up Showgirl Style In Tuxetards Appearing In It. If You're...
  3. J

    Brinks Home Security

    Where Can I Find A Video Of The Following Advertisement For Brinks Home Security,That,I Believe,Was First Shown On Television In 2003? At The Beginning Of The Advertisement,It's Night Time & A Woman Tells Her 2 Sons That It's Time For Bed,Yet,They're Both Playing A Video Game & They Tell Her...
  4. OldLady

    Volvo Does the Unthinkable

    Pet Peeve of the month (at the very least): Volvo stealing Walt Whitman's words to sell their overpriced, "swell" cars. That dear man would not like the elite buy-in here, and I HATE his great words being subverted to selling cars in -- of all the undignified things-- a television commercial...

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