1. mlw

    Jordan Peterson's secular theology

    You have probably heard of Jordan B. Peterson, the YouTube star. He is presently engaged in a project of translating the bible to discursive thought. I have studied his ideas and find them exceedingly reductionistic. Read my review on below link. Critique of Jordan B. Peterson's Neo-Hegelian...
  2. The Original Tree

    America IS The Lynch Pin Hindering The Spread Of Globalism

    One must Fundamentally Change America from a Nation based on Individual Liberties, to a Nation responsive and compliant with Collectivist Ideologies if America is to become part of The New World order and Subservient to a Globalist Government. This was the goal of Marxist Socialist Globalist...
  3. The Original Tree

    Mueller Coloring Outside The Lines

    Seriously, this is getting out of hand, and I realize that many on THE LEFT want to move THE US to a more Totalitarian Leftist State, but they should think twice before advocating that. The Patriot Act is an Abomination. Warrant-less Wiretapping is an Affront to The Nostrils. Investigations...
  4. anotherlife

    A deliciously evil but fair solution for the Agenda 21 decree.

    Agenda 21 decrees that the world population must reduce to 500 million or so. The leftist collectivists that rule Europe and America are working for this by exploiting the ideology and administration of nation states. They are right in that public sentiment is successfully perverted to place...

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