1. ding

    Is it common for warming and cooling trends to occur that aren't driven by CO2 or orbital forcing?

    Is it common for warming and cooling trends to occur that aren't driven by CO2 or orbital forcing? According to ice core data from the Arctic, yes. There have been many instances where warming and cooling trends occurred in the last 10,000 years that were not driven by CO2 or orbital forcing...
  2. ding

    Is there anything more effective at squelching global warming talk than $4 gasoline?

    Just curious what others think. Is there anything that is more effective at squelching talk of global warming than $4 gasoline? If so, why is that and what does it say about us? If not, what is?
  3. D

    The Earth Needs More CO2, Not Less

    The Earth Needs More CO2, not Less I know this statement will make people’s head explode, but it’s true, Earth needs more CO2, not less. Let’s look at the science with a bit of common sense. Carbon dioxide has gone up and down over millions of years, but the trend has always been, on the...
  4. toobfreak

    This Will Be The Test For Man Made Climate Change

    Due to the lockdowns of 2020 and so much less human activity and travel, the world's CO2 level has dropped by 7% globally with the USA putting out 12% less with over 3 billion tons less CO2 going into the air and this trend will continue for some time. If what all the global warming alarmists...
  5. D

    Climate Change Adovicate- Where is your inflection point?

    Everyone knows that carbon dioxide is critical for life on earth. CO2 is where humans get their oxygen and plants get their food. No CO2, no life on earth. Implicit in your Climate Change argument is that at some point, CO2 stops being critical for life and becomes a pollutant. At what CO2...
  6. Wuwei

    Atmospheric CO2 radiation

    Some people, including the infamous Dr. Happer say that CO2 cannot radiate due to a plethora of molecular collisions that abort almost all of the ability to radiate15 micron photons. Why are they wrong? The short answer: A molecule vibrating in the15 micron radiation mode can hold that energy...
  7. Wuwei

    CO2 vs H2O in the Atmosphere

    One common argument against CO2 having any effect on the climate is that it is such a small quantity - only 400 parts per million. It is small compared to the full atmosphere, but how does it compare with the largest green house gas, water. Water in the Atmosphere, the Water Cycle, from USGS...

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