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  1. The Duke

    Help me find my favorite Rolling Stones song.

    Now, I haven't even heard this song played on the radio very often. It has lots of horn in it. I taped it and played along with it a lot.. It goes: Ba da da da da da da da da da da; Dada da da da, da da da da da. Help me if you can. No clue as to what the name is. Have heard 100s of Stones...
  2. Cellblock2429

    Three great articles on cars published every Friday

    I get the liberal rag Newsday delivered daily. Friday has s pullout section named Newsdsy Cars. Mostly it’s filled with dealer ads and classifieds. But there are the columns I look forward to reading Auto Doc, Classic Car Doctor and In the Garage. They also run two full page articles on a...
  3. O

    Dream car

    If you had the money, what classic car, with or without, mods would you have? Me, Early '70's Caddie El Dorado. I would equip it with: Latest LS engine Ford 9" rear-end, chopped to accomodate, 305mm or larger tires, super sticky Trac-bars original body, and wheels Likely would paint it pink...

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