chris christie

  1. deanrd

    Trump's Ethics Lawyer under investigation for being paid with money from money laundering.

    A Malaysian fugitive might have paid Chris Christie and a Trump lawyer with laundered funds The Justice Department is investigating whether former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz, and others with ties to the Republican Party were paid by a...
  2. woz75

    Trump to Nominate Chris Christie to Supreme Food Court

    I thought the "Grand Old Party Sub" detested "big government"?? President-Elect Donald J. Trump has reportedly assured NJ Governor Chris Christie that, despite recent reports, he has not been banished from his inner circle, and will nominate the Bridgegate behemoth to the Supreme Food Court...
  3. American_Jihad

    NJ Op-Ed: Christie Must Resign

    Trump Derangement Syndrome, you lefties make sure you have plenty of meds or pot on hand... NJ Op-Ed: Christie Must Resign NJ papers say Gov must go. 3.1.2016 News Brian Lilley Well, some folks in Chris Christie's home state are not too happy, including the editorial writers at the Asbury...

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