1. HaShev

    Replace CRT with Success in Life and Business lessons

    I developed this layout for business seminars years ago, it is timeless and will apply at any time to teach business and management in school classrooms or business meetings and seminars. Elements of Success in Life & Business I) THE ABILITY TO STAY FOCUSED & MOTIVATED ---a) set Goals & figure...
  2. deanrd

    Trump wants to pull U.S. out of NATO

    Trump wants to pull U.S. out of NATO: NYT President Donald Trump has discussed pulling the United States out of NATO — a move that, if executed, would diminish America's world stature and embolden Russia to make advances against Europe, according to a new New York Times report. "Senior...
  3. deanrd

    7.1 million unfilled jobs in US? We're already seeing GOP racism and hate won't work long term.

    Apple, Cisco, IBM speak out against Trump's immigration policies Immigrant Entrepreneurship in America Is Declining Is Donald Trump hurting international education? Silicon Valley reeling as Trump chokes off a critical source of talent Didn't I tell you? You can't keep threatening people...
  4. P@triot

    A really bad business model

    I’ll be surprised if the Board of Directors for Yahoo, AOL, and Verizon don’t fire their respective CEO’s (and yes - even as a parent company - each business unit likely has their own board of directors and CEO’s). And if that doesn’t happen, I’ll be surprised if Yahoo! or AOL are still in...
  5. B

    Overcapacity and the price of oil Dr. Daniel Fine, New Mexico Center for Energy Policy

    The full article is here-> Overcapacity and the price of oil "With the Saudi Arabian-American strategy of removing ISIS and terror roots in Middle East societies and governments, the global oil and gas service companies have new projects to expand oil capacity of Saudi Arabia. This moves Saudi...
  6. Stone-Eater

    Setting up a business in Africa as a foreigner

    Tell you something. When I arrived in Bamako in 1993 with 3 PC's in my suitcases as a present of my employer I never thought how difficult it would become. I didn't speak much French except some "Comment ça va" or "J'ai faim", "C'est chaud" etc. My school French was quite different from the...
  7. MindWars

    5 Urgent Warnings From Big Banks That the “Economy Has Gone Suicidal”

    The economy has gone suicidal. It is working against the very people who need its energy to survive. It is collapsing on its own weight, and the weight of literally incalculable levels of toxic debt. And it is going to create the greatest disaster of our time, if the warnings from the world’s...
  8. Ridgerunner

    Should Boeing be doing business with Iran?

    This has the smell of the pbo admin all over it. Boeing says Iran is holding up their end of the deal. What say you? Should Boeing Be Doing Business With Iran? - Bing News
  9. 320 Years of History

    CDZ Is it good for America when manufacturers opt to produce their wares abroad?

    Time an time again, I encounter folks who assert that manufacturing jobs being "shipped" abroad is bad for the U.S., at least to the extent that the manufacturers are American companies. I would rather that American manufacturers produce their goods domestically, but I don't really have a...
  10. anotherlife

    Why is prostitution illegal?

    Prostitution is not theft or robbery, it is services paid for, like any other business. Why is it illegal then? Also, with increased poverty, prostitution may help some economically. If prostitution was legal, it could be regulated, pimps held at bay, and the exchange would be safer, even...
  11. B

    Watch leading energy expert Dr. Daniel Fine as he discusses the impact of falling oil prices (Video)

    For the video of Dr. Fine use this link--> Dr. Daniel Fine, associate director of the New Mexico Center for Energy Policy, discusses the impact of falling oil prices on the domestic energy industry. Fine offered these comments during an interview for Carolina Journal Radio...

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