1. anotherlife

    Buddhism? ali

    I am a Christian, but what is fair, I think we must admit, that Buddhism is the most pragmatic of all religions. Buddhism is rarely concerned with theories that need proving, Buddhism addresses the core of the human problem, or even the general problem, of why everything that exists also...
  2. anotherlife

    Why not be a big bully?

    What's wrong with bullies? That they never allow others to be bullies. Women love bullies, especially to enable them. Moreover, idiots respect them more than anything. So why not be a bully? History is full of bullies, some smart ones, and up to the stupidest bully of all. It is easy to...
  3. Compost

    Kindness Workshop

    Surely, this is over the top sharing. Teens asked if they are gay or poor during 'kindness workshop' Parents have reacted with outrage after middle school students were asked whether they were gay, poor, or an immigrant as part of an anti-bullying workshop. Eighth grade students at West...

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