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brexit and taxes

  1. U

    How UK Brexit from EU effecting Immigrants?

    Source of the news Brexit gross information Well the gross information,when it comes to the UK referendum, is something which revolve around the 23rd June 2016 when the peoples of UK voted for exit from European Union with 51.9 % for leave as compare to 48.1%. So the world...
  2. U

    All About Brexit, how and when brexit would be completed?

    All About Brexit, how and when brexit would be completed? What is Brexit? UK leaving the EU has been shortly defined as Brexit, originally the words Britain and exit are merged in a manner that in very single word it is called Brexit. Therefor mainly it is the exit. You can say when the italy...
  3. anotherlife

    New UK Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn: 21st century socialism for Britain!

    Jeremy Corbyn wins UK's Labour Party leadership race - On his victory speech, Corbyn has announced that what the British want is 21st century socialism. And to pay for it, he promptly proposed to lift the borrowing cap of each municipal district. So, if you ever wondered why your local...

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