bleach bit

  1. The Original Tree

    Was The Intentional Leaking That Manafort Was Mueller's Target a Signal?

    This is a good question... Was the intentional leaking that Manafort was Mueller's target a signal to Hillary Clinton and The Podesta Group to fire up the paper shredders, and bleach bit, destroy any evidence they had, and manufacture evidence to hide their guilt and their collusion with...
  2. The Original Tree

    James "The Sweeper" Comey: FBI & DOJ Handed Out Deals Like Candy At Halloween

    Nah, this doesn't smell like a cover up at all. Especially when you add in the fact Comey did nothing about Lynch's unethical, clandestine meeting with Clinton while he was under investigation, and the fact he completely rolled over when he was told not to call her Criminal Investigation an...

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