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black woman

  1. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Man who called police on black woman at North Carolina pool no longer has job

    The man's employer, packing company Sonoco, said in a tweet Friday that it was made "aware of a terrible incident" at a private community pool. Adam Bloom from Winston-Salem, North Carolina called the cops on Jasmine Edwards, a black mother, & her child because he didn’t think they belonged in...
  2. Jroc

    Homeless TRUMP Supporter Guards Donald Trump’s Star on Hollywood Blvd

    A violent leftist took a sledge hammer to Trump's star on the walk of fame:rolleyes: The sign reads "20 million illegals and Americans sleep on the streets"..So true take care of our own people, not everybody else's VIDEO=> Homeless TRUMP Supporter Guards Donald Trump's Star on...

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