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  1. Anonymous1977

    Terroristic of Farrakhan to say this?... this video, leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan says that it is OK to murder someone for exercising free speech in America: David Nafomeke | Facebook Is his saying that terrorism...? :)
  2. Anonymous1977

    Did Malcolm X's views about race change after he stopped believing in Elijah Muhammad...?

    ...For anyone who doesn't know, Elijah Muhammad was the leader of the Nation of Islam prior to Louis Farrakhan's leadership of the group...Warithuddin Mohammed immediately succeeded Elijah Muhammad as the group's leader but he changed the group making it into "the World Community of Islam"...
  3. Anonymous1977

    Nation of Islam founder Wallace Ford's 1926 San Quentin mugshot

    This is a mugshot from 1926, of Nation of Islam founder Wallace Ford whom the Nation of Islam calls "W. Fard Muhammad:" Anyone who knows about the Nation of Islam would recognize the "WD " in Mr. Ford's name here... As the picture shows, he was in San Quentin for violating California's State...
  4. Anonymous1977

    The Nation of Islam advocates murdering for speaking against a Prophet...

    In this video, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan cites former Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad as saying, "and what if we did [kill Malcolm X for scandalizing 'God's Messenger']?": The Nation of Islam is one sick group of people.
  5. Anonymous1977

    American Moslem leader, Louis Farrakhan EXALTING Iranian death decree for writing against Mohammed

    Here is a video of American Moslem leader, Louis Farrakhan exalting the Iranian death decree ("fatwa") on English author Salman Rushdie, who received the death decree for doing nothing but writing against "prophet" Mohammed...: Comments?...
  6. Anonymous1977

    Justice or Else, for Malcolm X

    With the upcoming march on Washington and Louis Farrakhan calling for "Justice or Else" for Blacks & the oppressed in America, I wonder what Mr. Farrakhan's views are on justice for Malcolm the following video, Nation of Islam member Talmadge X Hayer confesses the he and other Nation of...

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