1. S

    Donald Trump’s shamed name.

    Donald Trump’s shamed name. When Jews hear the name “Haman”, when Norwegians hear of Quisling, when Americans hear of Benedict Arnold, it evokes their passionate hatred and sense of disgust. I expect that will be the case for the name of Trump in the United States. Even if the case against...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    One More Trump Lie ….His Promise to Support and Defend LGBTQ Interests

    Well folks, we’re approaching the fist anniversary of Trumps awful presidency and the list of atrocious deeds that he is responsible for is long. There is undermining health care for millions, supporting the rape of the environment to the horror of much of the world, preparing to sign so call...
  3. cnelsen

    Ann Coulter recounts the Sierra Club's long history of opposing immigration. (((Until...)))

    Ann Coulter recounts the Sierra Club's long history of advocating a pro-environment position on immigration. In celebration of Earth Day this Saturday, let’s review how the Sierra Club sold its soul and screwed the Earth for a $100 million donation. They must hate themselves for it, so why...
  4. cnelsen

    Transition team member formerly at Soros

    WTF: Mnuchin amassed a fortune estimated at over $40 million while working for Goldman Sachs, where his father had worked for three decades and had also made a fortune. In 2002, Mnuchin left Goldman and worked briefly for his Yale roommate Edward Lampert, chief executive of Sears. He also...

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