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  1. L

    India: banks no longer accept 500+ rupee notes: why beyond cattle's comprehension

    India: banks no longer accept 500+ rupee notes: why beyond cattle's comprehension Poster writes: Stunning scene caught on video after Indian banks reopen!!! This is after the anouncement that 500 and 1000 rupee notes would no longer be accepted in banks! Why India did this is beyond anyones...
  2. MindWars

    Deutsche Bank Collapse – Struggling Bank Could Be Told To Sell Its US Business

    The bank is engaged in an ongoing dispute with the US Justice Department which is likely to not just result in a huge fine but in the banking giant sacrificing its American business. An insider told German media: “Before an agreement about the amount of the penalty can be made with the...
  3. phoenyx

    Theories on how to efficiently run an economy

    Before I begin, I'd like to say that while I've posted in many online forums over the years, I've never started a thread of this nature anywhere. It was something that definitely interested me, but not to the extent that I thought I should start a thread about it. That has now changed. I began...
  4. anotherlife

    Sovereignty, who is your sovereign?

    To have a judicial branch, you need sovereignty. But who can provide it? A 200 years ago, it was kings that provided it, and everyone knew the name of his king. Who provides sovereignty in the 21st century? Is it money, that is the banks? If yes, then is it an automatic system with its own...

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