assault weapons

  1. deanrd

    Are Republicans about to call the police traitors and anti-American?

    LAPD chief among nation's top cops who ask Congress to ban assault weapons Police chiefs call for assault weapons ban Republicans never bothered to ask the police if they want to face assault weapons.
  2. MindWars

    Idiot liberal's clueless reaction to large assault rifle strapped to car

    Kimberly Morin writes that once again, a Michael Bloomberg-backed gun control organization has been busted for LYING. This happens on a regular basis because gun control addicts have to lie in order to remain relevant in the eyes of the uninformed who believe them. Idiot Liberal's CLUELESS...
  3. MindWars

    House Bill Seeks To Make Owning An ‘Assault Weapon’ A Felony

    New legislation introduced by Michigan Democrats seeks to make it a felony to own weapons defined as assault weapons. State Rep. Robert Wittenberg, D-Oak Park, presented the bill Wednesday with support from Rep. Jim Townsend, D – Royal Oak. Neither was available to make a comment. House bill...

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