1. Weatherman2020

    Syria Is Going to be Bombed to Hell in the Next 24 Hours

    UK Moves Submarines Next To Syria, Strikes May Begin As Soon As Thursday And the Russkies know it and are bugging out.
  2. K9Buck

    What are our NATO allies doing about Syria?

    Nothing? I've come to the conclusion that Assad needs to be removed, but only if European units such as the Germans and French do the dirty work on the ground. My guess is that our so-called "allies" in NATO aren't going to do shit about Syria.
  3. cnelsen

    Let's test the IQ of USMB visitors

    Given the following facts: Israel has openly sought to get rid of Assad for many years The US involves itself in the Syrian civil war; tries to depose Assad But Assad survives, winning civil war, peace nearly at hand, wants US troops out of Syria Trump announces he wants US troops out of...
  4. Litwin

    U.S. takes aim at "Russia" after suspected Syrian government gas attack

    Muscovy as usual... , when the free world stops these 2 satraps ? "PARIS (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Tuesday the Syrian government may still be using chemical weapons against its own people following a suspected chlorine attack in a rebel enclave, and he said...
  5. cnelsen

    Israel behind gas attack on civilians?

    It's being said that we know Syrian President Assad was behind the gas attack in Syria because the attack was carried out by fixed wing aircraft, and only two entities are flying fixed wing in that area: Russia and Syria. But neither Syria nor Russia has the slightest interest in gassing...
  6. protectionist

    What If We Got Nuked ?

    Right now, conservatives all over the world are scratching their heads in amazement to see American liberals protesting President Trump's immigration/travel ban. Even when the president of Syria, Bashar Assad, came out and declared that terrorists will be among the Syrian refugees, the leftist...
  7. L

    Hasakah NE Syria: Assad v YPG Kurds: fake war part of Turkey coup hoax

    HEADLINES: ALL THEATER, from fake Turkey coup to these fake wars: Jaish Al-Islam vs Assad in East Ghouta = First Coastal Division v Assad in Latakia mountains = YPG & US v ISIS in Manjib = Assad & Russia v ISIS in Palmyra = YPG v Assad in Hasakah. Hasakah, NE Syria: Assad v Kurds - FAKE war for...
  8. wrathbone

    Russia Bombs Hospital and School from Caspian Sea

    Obama made very bad calculations thinking that by not getting more involved in the Syrian civil war, issues would work themselves out. Sadly, it did not. During that huge sucking noise, the exit vacuum, Russia swooped in advancing toward Syrian rebels devastating thousands of civilians caught...
  9. Anonymous1977

    "Russia bombing CIVILIANS in Ghouta, Syria;" will Putin be treated like Gaddafi?

    Here is a news story and video about Russia bombing civilians in Ghouta, will the U.S. and it's allies treat Pres. Putin like "Col." Gaddafi was treated for his killing?... Russia drone footage shows devastated Damascus suburb (Video title: "'Russia bombing CIVILIANS in Ghouta...
  10. longknife

    Who's Fighting Whom in Syria

    As one looks at the chart, one scratches ones head and wonders what the hell is going on. What have more than 220k people and uprooted millions gained from this? See the chart and read the explanations @ Confused About Syria? A Guide to the War’s Friends, Enemies, and Frenemies.

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