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    Iranian Guy Tries Asian Candy and Snacks !!!! Top 5 rated Worst To Best !!!!

    For a while now I had been wanting to do a proper all Asian snacks and candy video and try a bunch of new flavours and new snacks. So I finally decided to go ahead and do it. I chose POCKY CRUNCHY STRAWBERRY , CHITATO FRIED NOODLES FLAVOUR POTATO CHIPS , LOTTE PEPERO ALMOND & CHOCOLATE , MEIJI...
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    Are Blacks more racist towards Asians or Whites?

    Sorry, the title should read "Are Blacks more racist towards Asians or Whites when and if they are racist" but the edit button will not let me edit my title. I wonder about all kinds of racial things (this would just be one) as an Asian person who studied Sociology and studied this in a college...
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    White, Asian and Black at school

    Is it harder to be white or Asian at an all black school, or neither or depends? I wonder because I'm the only Asian at an all black school and it is very hard, and you (at least I) only hear about such race relations at American schools between whites and blacks (e.g. "being white at an all...
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    ESPN is such a mess

    REPORT: ESPN Removes College Football Announcer From Game Because He's Named 'Robert Lee' now they boot off an announcer reportedly because his name is Robert Lee, just for the record Mr. Lee is part Asian. Gotta love the left wing aholes and their fanatic PC mode.
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    Subhuman word: Hitler v psy-ops now: "one word says it all" role: asian women

    Subhuman word: Hitler v psy-ops now: "one word says it all" role: asian women Article from Apr 2017. It's introduced by an article from 2014 [added text signaled by date], as illuminati staged the "Maidan revolution" in Kiev, Ukraine, to release the "first openly pro-Hitler regime since 1945"...

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