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  1. toobfreak

    I Apologize

    Whenever I hear of anyone apologizing in the news, it is almost always a bad thing. You can get someone to apologize for anything these days just to avoid bad press! Case in point, just today alone: STARBUCKS APOLOGIZES: changes bathroom policy now to where anyone can use it anytime anywhere...
  2. kareemono

    Donald Trump must apologies for comments

    The organisation representing African countries has demanded that US President Donald Trump apologise after he reportedly called nations on the continent "shitholes". The African Union mission in Washington DC expressed its "shock, dismay and outrage" and said the Trump administration...
  3. American_Jihad

    Obama Tells Falsehoods About Israel

    Commander n chief lol, my apologies to the Jewish people and world... Obama Tells Falsehoods About Israel, Retracts, Then Repeats Falsehoods The top propaganda tactics the administration is using to demonize the Jewish State. October 26, 2015 Morton A. Klein and Daniel Mandel After weeks...

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