anti-white hatred

  1. Street Juice

    current HBO TV show Watchmen inspired Barnard murder?

    Here’s an interesting question: a few months ago, the Respectable Media was obsessed with how the movie Joker would surely inspire right wing white incels to commit mass murder. Since then, Joker has earned $1.057 billion at the global box office, without inspiring any obvious murders. What...
  2. cnelsen

    You don't have to be a white racist to support Donald Trump, but it helps says Steve Chapman

    A member of the editorial board at the Chicago Tribune, Steve Chapman, penned this tired rant: Donald Trump governs the way any white racist would And he goes on to list all the "white racist" things Trump has done, including "He accused China and South Korea of stealing our jobs. His budget...
  3. cnelsen

    George-Zimmerman-level racists lurking in nice white lady teachers

    The justification for affirmative action for black male schoolteachers used to be that poor black boys need to see there are some blacks who have respectable jobs where they show up to work on time. Now that's considered too condescending. The new, remarkably hostile rationale is that blacks...
  4. cnelsen

    OscarsTooWhite and now TooMale. No mention of Jews

    After the huge fecal stink caused by the #OscarsSoWhite campaign last year and an Academy Awards ceremony that was one extended anti-white blood libel, the men who pull the Oscars’ strings capitulated and gave black actors 30% of the acting nominations—a 230% overrepresentation relative to their...

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