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    Zone1 Final Days Anti-christ Spirit on Full Display: El Diablo Burger for $6.66

    A national burger franchise has brought back it's popular El Diablo Burger being sold for $6.66. The world has been so conditioned, groomed and desensitized for the soon-coming man of sin, i.e., anti-christ. Traditional moral values, whether Christian or not, have been trampled on for decades...
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    Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the Anti-Christ!

    Check gematria values! King James Bible Used! Six Hundred Threescore And Six = Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin **************************************** Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the anti christ = And Unto The End Of The War Desolations Are Determined...
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    Will Donald Trump bring in World War 3 (or the Battle of Armageddon) if he is elected?

    Is he the AntiChrist who will start WW3 (the BOA)?

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