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  1. Gracie

    What age range do you fall in?

    The older I get, the younger everyone seems. So, I thought I would ask what age range folks here fall under. Nope, nobody can see who voted. Its a personal question, so it deserves privacy. And its age wise in body..not mind. In short..if you are 55 but feel are NOT 23, lol.
  2. L

    Illuminati Cosmology: Based on THEIR religion's KEYWORD, the opposite of LIGHT

    Illuminati Cosmology: Names use THEIR KEYWORD, the opposite of LIGHT Nov 2016 - UNPRECEDENTED Kaikoura earthquake added to original article from 2010. Illuminati: X NOT LIGHT is THEIR religion's KEYWORD After reading this you'll finally know your Ages, which "coincidentally" share the X word...

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