agenda 21

  1. The Original Tree

    Planned Structural Change & The American Republic

    The Planned Economic Collapse of The World's Economies is coming no matter what we do. They put out news pieces telling you what they are going to do, and telling their allies how it's all going to go down right in Public View. The World Economic Forum, The Vatican, The UN, and The Democrat...
  2. The Original Tree

    The Green New Deal: Current Reality by Martial Law

    The Covid Scamdemic was more than just finding a way to steal an election. All the goals of The Green New Deal are being accomplished by Lockdowns, personal restrictions on your freedoms, illegal limitations on business, and work at home orders. All of which I might remind you completely...
  3. The Original Tree

    Agenda 21 - The Dossier & Fundamentally Transforming America

    I’ve been saying that all along that these people were Russian Moles, and Obama and Clinton were willing accomplices in selling out America and so were their allies in The CIA, DOJ, FBI and all Other agencies Obama planted these people in. Notice how neither Julian Assange was questioned, nor...
  4. offthahook08

    Scorched Earth Policy 2018 Is In Effect - Satanic Luciferian Agenda 21 In DEW Time

  5. anotherlife

    European depopulation agenda 21?

    The written history of Europe is basically can be boiled down to this one thing. The three Indo European invaders, namely the Latinos, the slavonics, and the germanics, crowding out everyone else. This simple thing drove every war and every money. What if as per agenda 21, we make these...
  6. anotherlife

    A deliciously evil but fair solution for the Agenda 21 decree.

    Agenda 21 decrees that the world population must reduce to 500 million or so. The leftist collectivists that rule Europe and America are working for this by exploiting the ideology and administration of nation states. They are right in that public sentiment is successfully perverted to place...

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