1. W

    Atheism in the Republic of Turkey

    Due to current political situations you may be hear so much things about Turkey in these days. Unfortunately, politacally that country is worsening because Islamic ideas are dominating in that area. But recent studies show that atheism is rising in the Turkey. That website is belonged the one...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Satanic Temple and the LGBT Community

    Here is somthing that I just happened upon that is quite interesting. Now I know that there are those of you on the board who will just read the headline and go toally bonkers and claim that this proves how evil and sick LGBT people are. Chill!! This is not about Devil worship. This is about...
  3. anotherlife

    Thou shalt not kill?

    We know that every competition in life is undecided, until all but the last contestant are dead. This is true in business, as well as politics/war. So, why do we carry this imposition that thou shalt not kill? Is it because governments are very cleverly reserving the right to be the last guy...

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