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abortion debate

  1. P@triot

    Ben Shapiro drops nuclear bomb on progressivism

    While the left continues to deny basic science - Ben Shapiro exposed their inability to have a logical, rational, consistent position. They contradict their own position every time. Planned Parenthood affiliate says ‘some men have a uterus’ — Ben Shapiro hits back with the truth
  2. G

    CDZ Fetus is Human. Abortion is Murder. So are sperms. Still I think it should be legal

    Life is NOT sacred. Nothing is. Life of Bill Gates, obviously worth far more than life of those worthless thieves and burglars. What about your own life? Would you value others' life as much as you value your own life? Of course not. Check your medical bills. When is the last time you...
  3. Y

    Unborn Child

    Back in 1974 the singing duo of Seals & Crofts released an album of songs including "Unborn Child" of which the title song was written by Jim Seals and Lana Bogan was a powerfully emotional appeal against abortion. These are the lyrics: "Oh little baby, you'll never cry, nor will you hear a...
  4. HaShev

    Reply to RCC hidden behavior behind closed doors

    True story I would never and could ever make something like this up, but my Zada found skeletal remains of babies burried in the basement between the seminary and nunery back in Philly when working there, I believe in the 50's this took place? That's how he ended up working part time at the...

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