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  1. georgephillip

    Should Democrats Subpoena Mike Pence?

    If there is one star witness available to Democrats in Trump's second impeachment trial, it is his loyal VP: America Needs to Hear from Mike Pence "To call the former vice president a key figure in the events preceding and during the deadly January 6th insurrection would understate the matter...
  2. G

    The Republican Party Will Need to Retool in 2020 or 2024 post-Trump

    Trump is not going to last forever. I don't see him getting a second term in 2020 and it is 50-50 if he will be impeached, resign or lose reelection. The GOP badly needs to mold and cultivate new leaders post-Trump. Vice President Mike Pence? He is too boring, from the Midwest and does not...
  3. Denechek

    Trump A New Camelot?

    Not since Jackie O. has a First Family brought the elegance that Melania Trump is bringing to an adoring public. As a successful top model with an impressive resume and skilled in several languages Melania raises a bar that has been virtually ignored for so long that we as the American public...

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