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    Cowardly police run from protestors in minneapolis

    We can take it to the bank it was some rogue cops
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    44 % of Republicans believe in Bill Gates microchip implantation theory

    Better get off the crack you been smoking that bin laden and Oswald did it:lmao::auiqs.jpg::lmao::lmao::auiqs.jpg::lmao::auiqs.jpg::lmao::auiqs.jpg::lmao::auiqs.jpg::lmao::auiqs.jpg: Had you not mentioned that bs this would have been an excellent post since everything else you said starting with...
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    44 % of Republicans believe in Bill Gates microchip implantation theory

    Let me guess,you also think bin laden was behind the 9/11 attacks and Oswald shot jfk as well right?.:auiqs.jpg: :lmao: You obviously are clueless how his vaccines murdered untold thousands in Africa. Oh the sheep of America.:uhoh3: It’s only insane to you because you believe that could never...
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    Pick your poison.MCcain or Obama.

    Indeed,yeah had all that been known about him that he was Kenyon born,I doubt even the blacks would have voted for him.its incredible thst to this day people are still in denial mode on thst that he was not born in hawaii :uhoh3: not surprising in the least though,the fact they are still in...
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    Time to hold police accountable

    I know I am so sick of the police in their brutality and then seeing how they get off Scott free
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    ColonelAngus fact check: Did Trump and Putin conspire to steal the 2016 POTUS election from HIllary?

    Yep,very true.i am no trump supporter but if the trump haters want to see some real dirt on trump,then they won’t find it there.there has been no evidence whatsoever to prove any of that.
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    Hello from the upper north east

    I added on a few more paragraphs to my last post,please read it again. I assume you read it again. Well that being the case,that you read what I added on,dont you agree with me, my points I made that that’s disturbing they wont allow something so important and so significant in there such as...
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    Hello from the upper north east

    Yeah lots of great radio shows on it over the years.:thup: Many have had independent researchers on it.i got a signed autograph from Jim marrs of that book I mentioned.great guy,he was a true patriot :thup: I got to sit down and talk to him,he was fun listening to on radio shows over the years:)...
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    Hello from the upper north east

    Agreed,indeed,another day,another time. :)
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    Trump Will Lose

    Don’t know about the trump will lose part but everything else said is correct
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    Trump Will Lose

    You have no idea who is going to win,everyone thought hitlery would.none of know,you are clueless to the fact that contrary to what our corrupt school system taught us,we don’t elect our presidents,they are selected and put in office by the establishment,good presidents never serve more than one...
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    #CoronaHoax2020 — A Chain-Link Fence to Stop Mosquitoes…

    :thup: Now if you were only that objective on the chestriots :lmao:
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    Hello from the upper north east

    The jfk assassination. I see you must have been talking to said troll I mentioned to have brought up that question,there have been some excellent books written on that event that I have read over a 100 on over the years. The one I recommend as the best is crossfire,the plot to kill
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    Hello from the upper north east

    The jfk one, i have read hundreds of books there the shill goes lying again,he gets angry and calls people names when he can’t counter facts and never addresses the evidence.Myself and others took him to school on that too many times to remember checkmating him
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    Hello from the upper north east

    Ohh okay here it is for you again then. hi,I have seen some posts of yours since you been here,you have made some really good ones here,, :thup: keep up the good work.pleased to meet you,glad to have you here and welcome aboard.:hhello::welcome::)

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