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  • Apparently mods or admins have taken issue with my behavior in the forum. Instead of setting out a clear punishment, you make the login process impossibly slow, and when I do log in it takes me to the terms of service. I can still post on all forums, but it's painfully slow to inoperable. I find this to be stupid and passive-aggressive. If you're going to penalize me, penalize me. Don't play fucking games.
    CK....I had to install a script-blocker to stop "skim resources" from bringing my browser (Firefox) to a halt here. I doubt I'm the only one experiencing this. With the blocker I can't access the USMB smileys. :(
    Another member has taken issue with one of my posts under Current Events. I commented on the violence prevalent in our society, which he said was only my opinion without a link. He has since "reported" me and my OP has been moved to General Discussion, I've searched and can't find a rule anywhere that says I have to have a link, and no opinion. I don't understand why I've been targeted like this.
    Doesn't matter. You choose one of these two.
    I cannot change your username at this time. You requested a username change and it was completed. We only allow members to change their username ONE (1) time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Your current username will remain for the duration. Thank you for understanding
    In the clean debate forum, people routinely use the "funny" function in order to mock a posting. Isn't such mocking rather opposed to the spirit of clean debate?
    Merry Christmas Boss, I hope you and your family have a great day and that 2016 is filled family friends and prosperity !
    please do something with VOR. He stalks me around the board putting his mark of his smiley faces on all our postings. and it's not just with me who has complained about him.
    Good morning, CK! Can you please send a moderator to my poll in the Politics Forum and change the spelling of 'reguges' to 'refugees'...? I and my English teacher will both appreciate it.
    I was wondering why my thread, "American cartoon form" was N/A in the Political Forum...

    I noticed that I post on it and it doesn't move to the top of the list, essentially killing the thread or interest there in.

    I really don't see that anything is wrong with the thread.

    Coyote was handling this but I noticed she's not around anymore...
    Don't know why it was moved. I didn't see it, but more than likely it wasn't the appropriate content for the Politics forum. In regards to you posting in the thread and not seeing it moved to the top/active topics, that's normal. You don't see it up top but everyone else does. The reason you don't see it as active is because you've already posted in it and seen it. I hope that makes sense
    My access has been seriously degraded. I'm sure I pissed off a few of your more liberal mods, but I have not been sanctioned for anything serious. Can you look into this?
    Westwall tells me that it's board policy that a "general" accusation in someone's sig line isn't against the rules whereas an accusation against a specific person in a post is. I'm curious as to what your reasoning is on that? Why is it allowed when it's done to an entire group of people each time someone posts because it's in your sig line?
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