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    Obamagate? Exactly what crime did Obama commit?

    Since she broke no laws, their only hope was perjury. In reality it was kind of a no brainier, to use politically sounding names to ferret out PAC's masquerading as Tax Exempt Public Service Committees so their donors could remain anonymous. But the drama queens at Faux are always looking for...
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    Evelyn Farkas: Using Collusion Lie As Premise For Campaign

    Don't you worry, when the Barr Cover up/White wash gets exposed you'll have found some con-theory to cling to.
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    If Obama is found guilty of a crime should he go to jail?

    Future Trumpybear Rally Cry "Lock Him up" "Lock Him up" For What? "What difference does it make?" "What difference does it make?"
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    Obamagate? Exactly what crime did Obama commit?

    How many times did Congress investigate the IRS targeted verification of organization applying for tax exempt status? Did they find any evidence that Obama somehow directed Lois Lerner to develop a criteria based on certain words in the organizations names? What law was broken?
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    Obamagate? Exactly what crime did Obama commit?

    The same rubes who parroted the Birther Claims championed by Trumpybear are the same ones who parrot the same lame, hollow and ambiguous talking points. "You'll see, in the next episode......." Obama's only crime was being President while black. (He did magically bring out the latent racists)
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    China caused 2 viruses, steals intellectual properties

    China no more caused the virus than Kansas caused the Spanish Flu of 1918. They will steal our technology given half a chance.
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    Let's debunk a right wing media (and Trump admin) myth, shall we.

    Simple logic. Evil Mastermind 101. Never release a deadly virus unless you have an antidote or vaccine ready to blackmail the world with.
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    If The Media Weren't An Arm Of The DNC....

    Accepted and not a problem. Rolls right off.
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    Former CIA officer & Nat Security Council Chief of Staff Fred Fleitz: Former CIA Dir Brennan Suppressed Evidence Russia Favored Hillary In 2016

    Hogwash. Putinbear was pissed that he was duped into buying a bunch of dirt mine that produce 4% of what America burns in our Nuclear reactors. I mean all the money he spend to get his hands on our uranium too. I also heard that she rubbed it in his face one day, the fact that the USA had...
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    More dead from COVID-19 than from Viet Nam War by April 26

    How is using the deaths of Americans from (h1n1) 2009-20010 as politically pro Trump all that different than listing the covid-19 American daily death count as politically anti-Trump?
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    most democrats in polled blame Trump for the virus not China !

    Trumpybear followed China's lead. Remember the study touted here that said if they had acted sooner they could have saved xx% of their people? The same study was true for any country, including us. China is responsible for what they said and did. Trumpybear is responsible for what he said...
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    If The Media Weren't An Arm Of The DNC....

    Both sides want to convince their audience to believe their particular narrative of reality.
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    More dead from COVID-19 than from Viet Nam War by April 26

    I remember when Trumpybear and some of his supporters proudly stood on top of the thousands who died from H1N1 in 2009-2010, to proclaimed the greatness of his response to Covid-19. How's that comparison working out now?
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    If President Trump Stops Immigration Forever... Will There Ever Be a Better President?

    Immigrating from Europe to steal resource rich lands from Natives to exploit is kind of hard to do these day. Trumpybear is the biggest loser of a President than we have ever had.
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    If The Media Weren't An Arm Of The DNC....

    The virus that's caused the Trump Pandemic in America?

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