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    Bush Officials Backing Biden

    THOUGHTS FROM AN INDEPENDENT A group of ex-Cabinet secretaries and White House officials in the George W. Bush administration launched a PAC on Wednesday to support presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, part of a growing network of Republican groups backing Biden over Trump. The group is...
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    These guys are too old

    THOUGHTS FROM AN INDEPENDENT I am not impressed with America's choices for President. They're both well into their 70's, both in poor health, and both declining mentally. They babble rather than speak in complete sentences, and neither can walk and chew gum at the same time. Political ideology...
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    Liberals need a new slogan

    THOUGHTS FROM AN INDEPENDENT Liberals - This "defund the police" slogan of yours is a dead end. You can argue that it really means a reallocation of police resources, or whatever you want, but you're not helping yourselves with this. All this tagline does is strengthen Conservatives case that...
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    America will swing Blue in 2020

    Thoughts From An Independent: With less than 5 months to go, things continue to show a downward slide for President Trump and the GOP. Former vice president Joe Biden's lead nationally has held steady at 8+ percentage points for several months. To make matters worse for Trump, Biden leads in...
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    America is not solving this problem

    THOUGHTS FROM AN INDEPENDENT: CONSERVATIVES: It's time to accept the fact your the old law and order, tough guy approach to police brutality is not playing well with the voters. In addition, Donald Trump's little maneuver of turning American active duty military troops against its own citizens...
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    Which way will the Senate swing?

    THOUGHTS FROM AN INDEPENDENT Lost in all the Presidential hoopla is the GOP's scant majority in the Senate. The Democrats in 2018 won back the House by a large margin, but made little headway in the Senate. More Republican Senators are up for reelection this time around, but Democratic chances...
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    Conservatives - This one's for you

    THOUGHTS FROM AN INDEPENDENT Conservatives - I'm sure this won't go down very well, but myself and many other Independent / Swing voters feel this way: President Obama was pretty boring, I'll admit, but as we look forward to another election this year, consider where we were 4 years ago...
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    Appeals for calm

    THOUGHTS FROM AN INDEPENDENT I'm not taking sides in this protest situation, but must say, I'm very disappointed in our political leaders. Aside from a few Governors and Mayors, very few are appealing for calm or an end to violence. Instead these protests are met by either silence or...
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    Politics and the art of happiness

    THOUGHTS FROM AN INDEPENDENT As an older guy, I'd like to share some advice about being happier, and it is this: Don't dwell too heavily on politics. Cases in point: 2 guys from my generation (baby boomers) have led generally happy lives because they do what they love. One is a Chiropractor...
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    Some teams don't care if they win

    Hey dingbat---please save your political garbage for that section.
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    Some teams don't care if they win

    As a Seattle resident, I spent the last 45 years watching the Seattle Mariners purchase just enough talent to call themselves a major league team, and (with only a few exceptions) finish in the bottom half of their division, only to have management issue the same tired old statement at the end...
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    CDZ The next age

    Months ago, before COVID-19 became the big issue in America, my wife, who is a pension processor, was being transitioned into working from home as it became clear to her employer today's technology made leasing office space unnecessary. Now we both make the 20ft. commute to work. Of the 8...
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    Democrats: You're not there yet.

    THOUGHTS FROM AN INDEPENDENT Democrats: In order to defeat Donald Trump, you need 2 things: 1. To expose Trump's weaknesses, and make a case that he is unfit for office, and 2. Make a good case for why your candidate is better.'ve made some progress with item 1. No so, with item 2...
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    Forget politics and get your ducks in a row

    THOUGHTS FROM AN INDEPENDENT Conservatives and Liberals: You'd both best forget hissing at each other about politics for now. There's a storm economic storm, and it's going to be worse than 2008. Get your financial ducks in a row. Pull in your horns, find some really cheap leisure...
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    Politics: We won't know for awhile

    THOUGHTS FROM AN INDEPENDENT: Conservatives and Liberals: I know you both want your side to win, but there is something you're going to have to warm up to: We won't know for awhile. It's going to take until at least 4th of July and maybe Labor Day before the political and economic chips fall...

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