You should thank a Liberal today

Discussion in 'Politics' started by miami_thomas, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Seriously you should find a Liberal today and thank them for what we have today. If it were not for the Liberals, we would not have Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. We would not have most of the welfare programs like food stamps and pell grant. You should say thank you Liberals for providing these services for me and my family. While you are at it also thank them for destroying the future of America. Thank them for 16 trillion dollars and growing debt.

    I know, I know conservatives built the debt to. True but false also. They built the debt too just because they were in office but I can guarantee you without all those wonderful Liberal programs the debt would not be there today. I can 100 percent guarantee you that.

    I know, I know that people do not want to lose these programs and they help people. But the fact is people survived well over 9 thousand or so years and maybe even longer without these programs. Guess what they and even society would have survived without them going forward as well. What you did was create a dependency and once you create a dependency taking that which someone is dependent on does create a catastrophe. Mostly it creates a catastrophe because they forgot as a people how to survive without it.

    So remember to find your Liberal and thank them today for destroying one of the most powerful countries in history. I wonder if Liberals existed in the Roman Empire.
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