"you must not covet"

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    “You must not covet (desire)your fellow man’s house.”
    “Covetousness”= greedy desire for what belongs to others.
    “Your must not steal”
    Exe 20; 15,17
    Covetousness defiles a man.
    When greediness has its object that which belongs to another, it becomes covetousness.
    Mark 7;20-23.
    Christians ..must deaden their body members as respects covetousness.
    Col 3;3,5.
    Greed. Inordinate or rapacious desire.
    Psa 68;16, Matt 13;17.Exe 20;17,
    A desire to have more.
    Eph 4;19, 5;3.
    Avoid association with anyone calling himself a Christian “brother” who practices greediness.
    1 Cor 5;9-11.
    He will not inherit GOD’s kingdom.
    1 Cor 6;9,10.

    This country is the home of American citizens. It has been built and maintained by American citizens. Illegal aliens force themselves into our home uninvited. We allow people in only by invitation and if they do not obey and respect our rules we ask them to leave and some of them refuse to leave further breaking the law.
    When illegals break in and take what is legally ours, it is stealing and is a crime.

    Just because you are poor, hungry and want more is no excuse to break the law by entering this country illegally, stealing jobs, identifications and using false document to work illegally, to use social services they are not entitled to. If this was the case, any burglar could break into your home, set up house and live off your good fortune or an excuse for a robber to rob a bank

    They are intruders (illegals ) that broke into my home. The law that is supposed to be there to protect me is aiding and abetting the intruder who committed the crime against me and my home.

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