You know it's dry when the kangaroos stand still': Living through the horrors of drought

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    You know it's dry when the kangaroos that line the outback highways during the day stand still and watch the traffic pass rather than erratically leaping away.

    Locals say it's a sign even the wildlife is feeling dehydrated.

    Seven years without decent rain is really gripping regional Queensland and one of the best descriptions came from sheep farmer Roly Hughes at Thargomindah. "Right here it's like the moisture tap has been turned off altogether."
    Roly is looking forward to one day walking on grass. His 100,000 hectare property is a mix of mulga bush and plains. The dust stirs and swirls constantly. He's battled hard to keep his stock alive.

    Every day he's on the dozer bending mulga trees for the sheep to eat the leaves. He carries bags of supplements for the sheep to eat as well to give them vital minerals and salts, emptying them in a trough.

    We expected the sheep to surge in, instead they stayed under the trees in the shade. Roly says it's not unusual.

    "They'll stay there and eat tonight when its cooler. They just want to drink. At the moment I’m piping in artesian water we share with the other neighbours. Its 2.5 kilometres away."
    'You know it is dry when the kangaroos stand still'

    They desperately need some rain.

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