The CCC dishes up a banquet of scandal as corruption claims rock WA Health Department

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    It sounds like the plot of a best-selling crime novel, but these scenes are straight from a damning Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) report tabled in the WA Parliament this week.

    Most concerning is that the bribery and corruption went on for 10 years and in some instances this behaviour, committed by senior health officials, happened in the face of new regulations brought in at the Health Department by executives to try to stamp out corrupt behaviour.

    The extent of the bribery and corruption that was exposed in the report staggered even CCC Commissioner John McKechnie.

    "I'm not usually shockable, but this surprised me and it's been going on for a decade" he said.
    The CCC dishes up a banquet of scandal as corruption rocks Health Department

    Knew the guy was doing renovations.............did nothing........

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