WSJ: U.S. firms used to transfer funds to Mabhouh suspected assassins

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    WASHINGTON, (PIC)-- U.S. investigators have identified American companies used as conduits to transfer funds to suspects in the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud Mabhouh in Dubai early this year, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

    According to the journal, the investigators uncovered clues linking a number of members of the cell that assassinated Mabhouh with U.S. firms. The newspaper said that the disclosure of these companies is especially delicate for the United States, since Dubai has held its ally, Israel, solely responsible for the Mabhouh assassination.

    The investigations revealed that a “handful” of American companies, used to match freelancers with employers, were used to transfer funds to the suspects in the Mabhouh assassination. The newspaper quoted official U.S. sources as saying they do not believe that the American companies were aware of the aims behind the transferred funds. They claimed that it was possible that the suspects may have made themselves appear to be job-seekers in order to obtain funds and at the same time conceal the source of financing.

    According to allegations, the funds were used to cover such expenses during the assassination as plane tickets and hotel expenses. The next stage of the investigation will focus on the identity of the “employers” who transferred funds to the suspected assassins.

    WSJ: U.S. firms used to transfer funds to Mabhouh suspected assassins

    Yep, follow the money.

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