With Muslim Codoling It Comes Down to Four things: Oil, Numbers, Fear and PC

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    (1) OIL:
    The west gets its oil from the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and in our case Canada and Venezuela. North Africa is Islam, the Middle East is Islamic, Venezuela is run by a communist tyranical nut job, up until 20 years ago Russia was the big bad cold war adversary and now strives to be a major world player and Canada just doesn't have enough to supply everyone. Therefore, the West is still HIGHLY reliant on Middle East and North African Oil (where the majority of the world's oil is)! We fear another oil embargo, like what happen during the 70s! Just small increases in oil prices have a huge negative effect on the West's economy! Therefore we placate the ultra-sensitive Muslims! After all if we come off anti-Islam, they will go nutz (I know that an oxymoron)!

    I do believe if oil left the equation, the other 3 by themselves would NOT be be strong enough to keep tipping the scale!

    Ask anyone the main reason they are against an attack on Iran is because of the spike in oil prices! That is my reason! Think about Iran doesn't threaten an attack on the US, rather they threaten closing the Straits! They know oil will go over $200 a barrel at the point!

    (2) Shear Number:
    Islam consists of 1.5 billion worldwide! That scares the hell out over everyone! They also have large and ever increasing numbers in Europe, America, Canada and Russia (esp Mother Russia, at 25% of the population today, where the Russian Muslim are reproducing like rabbit, while the non-Muslim Russians populations are decreasing faster than any other population on earth! Muslims in general tend to reproduce like rabbits. People always fear the Giants, especially when that giant is growing on steroids in your own backyard.

    (3) Fear:
    Islamic terrorist don't care about the number of civilian causalities they kill! Unlike the West they don't care about public opinion, immorality, war crime courts, the Geneva Convention or PCness. If Al Qaeda could detonate the bomb in a Western City, they would do it in a heartbeat. Ditto for bio and chemical weapons. Unlike during the Cold War, there is no MADD! Islamic terrorist are STATELESS, meaning if they hit us, then hitting them back would create a huge moral dilemma in bombing a sovereign country that is trying to combat Islamic terrorism like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or even Egypt!

    (4) PC:
    It has taken over the West and not in a good way! We must placate the Muslims, because left has used PC to turn any dissenter against Islam as a radical KKK racist type! Its similar to McCarthyism! You get labeled as a racist and professional and socially you can be destroyed!
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