Will the “REAL” “JOE the PLUMBER” please, stand up.

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    mad:Will “JOE the BLUMBER” make Sen. McCain President? Read why I say no

    Hi! Just a short question to start off with, if you went to the grocery store to buy ice cream and you had just “two choices”, which ice cream would you buy, if both cost the same? The first ice cream was made from the finest ingredients and the second one was made from “imitation” ingredients. Logic tells me and I hope you, the first one. Well, guest what, the political adviser’s working for Sen. McCain chose number two representing “Joe the Plumber”, a nice guy, to promote for votes, instead of choosing number one representing “Bob the Economy Solver” as the person to help Sen. McCain win votes. Let me elaborate farther, on August 16th I sent two of Sen. McCain’s top advisers a letter giving my candid prediction / prophesy of what “WILL” happen, if Sen. McCain didn’t offer voters my economic program, Sen. McCain would “NOT” be President. Well, according to the latest political polls, it looks like I will be “VINDICATED”, he will not be President. Yes, “Joe the Plumber”, a nice guy, will get some votes for Sen. McCain; however, not what I, “Bob the economy solver”, could have done for Sen. McCain. Yes, enough votes, I confidently believe, to make him President. Some food for thought, if Sen. John McCain (top political adviser’s too) can’t even “politically discern” who can help him the most, “Joe the Plumber” or “Bob the Economy Solver”, (the economy- one issue he has no clue how to solve) should Sen. McCain be the new leader of the free world? I think not and on Nov. 4th millions of others voters might agree with me, when he doesn’t become president. I sent Sen. McCain and the names below a personal copy.

    To those who listen to Rush Limbaugh, I sent him a copy of my prediction letter. What I find quite interesting, he has done all he can to stop Sen. Obama and other Democrats from winning, yet was unwilling to even explore the remotest possibility that someone other then Mr. “HUMBLE” himself, could actually contribute to the defeat of Sen. Obama. Well, when Sen. Obama becomes President I will be 100% “VINDICATED” and he should take a lot of the blame for it happening. Thus, if you are a Sen. Obama supporter I suggest you send a thank you fax or email etc., thanking Mr. Limbaugh for making Sen. Obama President. Republicans, on the other hand, should tell him the next time someone says they have political solution, what air they be, to help Republicans win; he should explore the possibility that others outside his “HUMBLE” self, have brains too.

    Yes, I asked Mr. Lou Dobbs for his help. Why, he brags all the time about his so-called independent stances on political issues and has gotten many to become independent minded voters. I thought I might find out for myself if he is genuine or just another phony / hypocrite. Unfortunately and sorry to say, to me, he is just another hypocrite on television these days, who only promotes his personal issues, that agree with his views. My guess is he would prefer to have guests on his show that just complain, complain, complain, and complain, just like him, about the politicians who are running our country, etc. than to have anybody on his show, like me, who actually can offer helpful solutions to America’s economic wows, etc. Hypocrisy rears its ugly face again in the form of Mr. Lou Dobbs.

    Sean Hannity, Fox news. For months on end that “hypocrite / “bigmouth” has tried his “absolute best” to destroy Sen. Obama chances of ever becoming President, with negative results to show for his effort. Anyway, negative attacks by both Sen. McCain’s and Mr. Hannity on Sen. Obama’s character, etc. has backfired on them, and he will be America’s 44th President. Oh! Well, what can I say, we are all prone to making our mistakes (Sean, blame it all on a brain freeze) in life, unfortunately for Mr. Hannity’s “BIG” political mistake came at the wrong time and he will have four years to ponder about what he did wrong and so goes Sen. McCain. Oh! If he only, at the minimum, would have sacrificed a little time on a phone call to me, he would have been invited to the celebration at the White House, when Sen. McCain became President McCain. Now it will only be a dream in his “small confused mind” of what could have been. This is the one person I would like you to bombard with “tactful letters” expressing how utterly disappointed you are in him. In fact, I suggest, he go to “discernment” school so that the next time someone tells him, I can help someone become president, he will listen and not be so “judgmental” before he knows all the facts and nothing but the facts, before he says no to the next person who request his holiness highnesses audience.

    In closing, I’m going to end with a challenge to the reader. I have 100% confidence, (till proven otherwise) I know I have “absolutely”, without the shadow of a doubt, the best “TWO” economic solutions for America. Thus, I ask you, help me get the word out; I will debate any major politician on the Democratic side who has the guts to dispute my bold claim. In fact, I will direct it to the “NEW” United States President, President Obama; you say you will listen to people who can help America, well I ask you to “stand up” and “prove it” to me and the American people you now represent. How, let me debate one of your so-called “economic experts”, on live television, to find out, once and for all, who really does have the best overall economic solution for America’s people, mine or his. This could (will) be his first real test as America’s president, if he is President. Except my debate offer and prove to America’s voters they made the right decision, making him President or “fink out” and let everyone know you are not a president of your word.

    The early bird will catch the “cheap” worm.

    Hi , if you or someone you know is looking for a speaker who has a lot of new political ideas / solution to talk about, such as what is on the two DVD videos mentioned next and not the same old boring political meaningless rhetoric you have come accustomed to listening to, I am that person who will no do that. Just pay for all my travel expenses etc. that is it. Contact me by snail mail at Speaker P.O. Box 24 Marlton, New Jersey 08053 They are just two interesting subject examples of what I can talk about at fundraisers for the Republican Party, etc…..

    Thanks for reading my letter; this is where you can learn about my two economic solutions. First understand I did both videos without a script. Thus, the cohesion flow will not be perfect, but still good enough to understand. YouTube “bailout” and “VPB”

    I was born in Philadelphia and only moved to N.J. when I got married. So, I congratulate the Phillies for
    becoming World Series Champions. To bad I couldn’t congratulate Sen. McCain likewise, he will not be
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