WI, MI schools and vouchers - Walker, Snyder, GOP supports failure

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    Low scores don't deter Wis. voucher supporters

    The test results showed that for all grades, 34.4 percent of voucher students were proficient or advanced in math compared to Milwaukee public schools' 47.8 percent average and the 43.9 percent average for low-income Milwaukee public schools students. Statewide, 77.2 percent of public school students scored proficient or advanced in math.

    Battleground Milwaukee. Walker’s war against public education

    “In the proposed 2011-13 state budget, Gov. Walker is seeking to expand this program and increase funding for it while massively cutting state aids for public schools. Walker’s plan would lift the enrollment caps, allow any private school in Milwaukee County to enroll voucher students, phase out the family income cap on voucher eligibility, and repeal the requirement that voucher students take the WKCE test.”

    Gov. Snyder’s school plan belies Michigan values

    Second, after slashing public schools, the Governor proposed raising taxes on senior pensions and working families, those who can least affor it, to raise enough revenue to fund his corporate tax breaks.

    Bottom Line:

    Cut 895 million from public schools.

    Give 1.8 billion tax breaks for corporations and the rich.


    Continuing "War on Education".

    How will the right spin this? One wonders?
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    As though mid-40% proficiency in math is something to cheer about?

    Maybe the Milwaukee school system sucks outright, no matter how you try to polish the turd.

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