Why You Can't Always Trust Your Gut

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    Imagine you’re a contestant on the Let’s Make a Deal! gameshow, the old one hosted by Monty Hall. Monty offers you the chance to win a beautiful new car, but it’s behind one of three closed doors. Behind each of the other two doors is a goat. Let's assume winning a new car is preferable to winning a goat...

    You choose a door, and Monty (who, since he's the host and in command, knows where the car is) opens one of the remaining two doors to reveal a goat. He offers you a choice: stay where you are, or switch to the other closed door. What do you do?

    Basic instinct says there are two doors, so we have a 50-50 shot, so why switch, right? Go with your gut, your first intuition, right? Wrong. Always switch. Our odds double. Hard to believe, but your gut just lied to you.

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