Why Trump's Record Trumps the Media's Spin

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    CNN blares from airport televisions and nobody pays attention.

    Outside of D.C., the NYT Op-ed gets zero chat. Nada.

    And who on earth is talking about the Kavanaugh hearings other than to laugh at DimocRAT antics?

    They have largely succeeded in this goal, but in so doing, failed again to learn the lesson that was so easy to conclude from the 2016 election and Trump’s steady popularity levels since then. That lesson is that the media and the commentariat no longer determine public opinion.

    No matter how many outraged opinion pieces or news articles (but I repeat myself) the New York Times produces, no matter how many smarter-than-thou analysts with non-prescription eyeglasses mope about sadly on CNN, no matter how many Obama fan boys and girls left in the White House press corps shriek at the president whenever in earshot, it just doesn’t matter anymore.

    The economy hums. Trump keeps us out of foreign entanglements. Wages increase. America’s traditional meritocracy replaces the Democrats’ grievance-based society. Life happens.

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