Why Not Hillary? A Liberal Columnist Responds

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    Hillary Leads Pack Now, But She Carries Lots of Baggage
    By Ken Bode, The Indianapolis Star
    July 29, 2005

    Washington Monthly is an inside-the-beltway magazine with a long-standing outside-the-beltway perspective. In a gesture that will only add to a growing sense of "Hillary Inevitability," the current cover offers a pairing by two first-rate reporters addressing both sides of the question: "Why Not Hillary?"

    The subject herself spent part of this week big-footing the competition at the Democratic Leadership Council's meeting in Columbus, Ohio. Hillary had the home field advantage. As the group's national chairman in 1990, Bill Clinton kicked off his campaign for president at a similar meeting in Cleveland. The DLC still promotes the politics of "Clintonism" and has Bill on its fast track for sainthood.

    Hillary easily eclipsed Sen. Evan Bayh, who handed over the gavel after leading the DLC for the past four years, along with Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsak and Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia, the Southern entry. All are considered to have legitimate presidential ambitions. Nevertheless, all were awash in Hillary's wake.

    Former Sen. Bob Kerrey has dubbed Hillary the "rock star" of the Democratic Party. In Columbus, the audience mobbed Mrs. Clinton while Bayh and the others looked on. In this celebrity era, she has joined the one-namers Liberace, Pele, Cher, Bono, Newt, Madonna, Monica (whoops).

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