Why must we make hero's out of human beings that do the right things?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tigerred59, Oct 2, 2017.

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    Why is it, every single time we have disasters in this country, America has to have a hero.... a hero who soften the blows of fucked up shit we do? You can't have a flood, without a hero with a wet vac, you can't have a mass shooting without cops and the military taking bullets with their teeth, you can't have a fucked up president, with his cabinet being hero's, ie Kelly and McMaster. You can't have protest movement without a hero, NHL saves the day. I mean why must we unlike other nations who take the shit and move on, we on the other hand will lavish for days, now even weeks until the orange guy tweets some stupid shit....on the hero's in all this.

    America lives in a land of make believe. We relish the past, even kill over it, we celebrate yesterday shit, with Super Man and John Wayne always the focus....I think its time we put our big boys and girls panties on and deal with shit head on without trying to make everything a feel fuckin good story....we got too many fuckin nuts and guns in this country, people...its time to get real!!

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