Why majority of Muslim’s community become seasonal Muslims during month of “RAMZAN"

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    Why majority of Muslim’s community become seasonal Muslims during Holy month of “RAMZAN”

    I want to share my knowledge with all Muslims followers from world, WHY majority of Muslim’s no matter belong to which sect specially doing worship in Mosque from begins of Ramzan till its ends. Rest 11 months exempted for those who do worship in Ramzan this type of thinks is total foolish and no one is exempted for offering Namaz or Zakat.

    Remember and forward others fellow that NAMAZ is mandatory for every Muslim’s adult men’s and women’s if any missed intentional or do not give importance all those persons committing a great sin which have no excuse but example punishment for those you consider NAMAZ as lesser importance or do not offer daily basis.

    My request to all Muslim’s brother and sisters those who enjoys God countless blessing but have no time or give no importance to Namaz than begins today otherwise when you lying in your own grave than Namaz questioned must be asked from God angles.

    But I much regret and dis-appointment to see during the holy month of Ramzan every year kitchen items, fruits, Oil and Ghee including food stuff prices increased. Why earning abnormal profits which is totally ( Haram ) ill-legal according to the Islamic point of view. Such way you ( traders ) put extra burden and pressure to those who are from MIDDLE CLASS and Low Income how manage to survive and accept challenge during the Holy Month of Ramzan to brings some special item for family members.

    A true Muslim’s have always pain and thinking for other Muslim’s brother and never think own self as a greedy and selfish people normally thinking? Price hike and black marketing how much done in holy month of Ramzan which is not hidden one. Why our Government remain silence and do not take any action against those traders who are making abnormal profits or black marketing?

    I must say Pakistan is heaven for terrorists activities for this reasons yet not a single terrorists yet punished or hanged who involved in innocents people killings, same way every holy month of RAMZAN prices reach to its peak and no control or monitor the prices. Shameless and heartless people earning by cheating way and if a person do whole night God worship and do Umarh than no benefit goes to him? All wastage of money and time the main reasons doing not justice with own Muslims brothers ( earning abnormal profits or doing black marketing ) Check if you are not covered or hit in this specific declare categories than positive think how to make a change your business & life style.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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