Why is the White House/Obama Admin allowing Glenn Beck to dictate their actions?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bucs90, Jul 23, 2010.

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    This USDA fiasco has shown us one thing if nothing else:

    The White House/Obama Admin is obsessed with and terrified of Glenn Beck:lol:

    How has 1 private citizen caused them such a headache? Ordering public officials to pull their car over off the Interstate in Georgia to resign "because you're gonna be on Glenn Beck tonight"??? Seriously? Does Beck, his opinion, and his viewers hold THAT MUCH power over this administration?

    I know Keith Olbermann and the left love to tell us how evil and corrupt Fox is, how irrelevant we are, how Beck is a nobody, etc, etc, etc...........but Beck and his message, and that message reaching his viewers, is obviously scaring the White House!!!

    Remember all those times George W. Bush got terrified at Keith Olbermann saying "The XXXXth day since this president declared Mission Accomplished in Iraq" after each show? Nah, me neither. W didn't care much about what they said about him.

    But this is amazing to watch. I've never seen a White House or administration so obsessed and spooked and terrified by the thoughts and statements of 2 private citizens: Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Amazing.

    And ironically, amongst all the folks who botched this story, Glenn Beck is the only one who got it right, the entire time, from Monday morning to today. He didn't cover it Monday. He defended her Teusday. And he rightfully so said "I told ya so" the rest of the week.

    Tisk tisk liberals. :eusa_shhh:

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