Why is the music industry so messed up and greed driven ?

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    The whole nation loves music and supports the arts, but the arts doesn't support them when the shoe is on the other foot (or) shouldn't it be that a balance needs to be honored by the industry in giving back when it can to those whom have supported it over the years?

    Karaoke - is to sing a song also that a major artist or a star had sung in the past, and to do it by way of a backing track that is used by permission of. Nothing wrong with that right ?

    However, this is one of the areas in which I think the industry & it's artist loses it's credibility with me on, because it holds back this part of it in a foolish way. I can understand not being allowed to copy music in it's entirety, and then trying to sell the copyrighted material in it's entirety (bootlegging), which is defintely a big NO NO, and should remain always illegal, but when a person places their vocal on a backing track of an old song in which they wish to sing, I think that should be perfectly legal always, because the very fact that they have placed their vocal on it, destroys the original value of the track meaning it meant nothing and no big deal (or) it may be better than the original, and will even increase the value of the track if they do it better than the original. In the last one mentioned the industry should be in contact with the new singer who had done this, and maybe even ask that person could they be allowed to promote the new version of the song for them, and even make them a little bit of money off of it upon the internet, along with the industry to make money, the original artist to make a percentage, and the original band who did the track a percentage also.

    This is the way that capitalism should work in this nation, not by stiffeling growth or creativity, and all because of a greedy individual who is foolishly holding back such creativity and growth, by saying hey you can't sing my clients song or a family members song or the client saying the same, because I am not going to allow it or it is sacred and should die with me the original artist, never to be sung by another again.

    It's amazing how these people think about this Karaoke singing, and how jealous the artist are or how over protective the industry is on a person singing a song that has been done before (old) or is out of the past (not so recent), even if offered payment for when doing so.

    Now I can understand not being allowed to sing a song that is current, by way of a stolen track, in order to compete on the black market with the artist before that artist & studio makes their investments back, but to shut down art expression due to greed and/or jealousy, is just rediculous and should not be the case in this part of the industry. How much money has the government give to the arts, and they have the nerve to act in these kind of ways back towards the people who funded them with these tax dollars ? :cuckoo:

    PS. I tell ya what, what people ought to do, is go to a karaoke sight and type in their favorite artist song in which they want to sing, then they will see who is stuck up greedy, and who is a-ok with allowing people to sing their songs, just to see how many Americans/fans are out there who love what they had done, and are trying to pay tribute to them by attempting their songs also, and this by singing the song in which they had loved & supported for them. It's kind of like a huge snub when the songs are not listed on these major sites to be sung by the sites patrons, so if you want to see who the real tools are, then go and enter their song, and see if it is available to be sung by you as a fan, it is a real eye opener about who these people are or their greedy families are or their greedy studios are, in which actually hold back new revenue to be born, by not promoting a resurgence of the song in which they are trying foolishly not to do, because they are over protectors instead of promoters of linked capitalism that has the ability to go on and on and on in these ways, and to make more and more money off of a work, instead of killing that work by holding it captive for foolish reasons. :eusa_silenced:
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