Why budgets are unblanced.

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    The budgets are not unbalanced because of spending but because of lack of tax revenue coming in. Obama in not spending any more than is necessary than the previous administrations except Bush. Bush’s two unpaid for wars, tax cuts for the rich and corporations that were allow to move overseas taking American jobs with them that put millions out of jobs and unemployed Americans don’t pay taxes and taxes is revenue. If you spend money you do not have, you have to increase revenue to pay for the money you spent that you did not have.

    Case in point; If a head of house is temporary laid off his job, he has to continue to pay the mortgage, feed the kids and the dog, pay the utilities and pay medical bills. He cannot expect the kids and the dog to eat less, pay part of the mortgage and medical bills. He find a way to bring in more money to meet these responsibilities.

    Illegal aliens contributed to the unbalance budget by taking jobs from american and lowering wages and sending millions earned here back to Mexico going into Mexico economy instead of back into our economy. 8 million illegal aliens in the workforce mean 8 million jobs 14 million unemployed Americans do not have.

    To pay down the deficit and balance the budgets let the tax cuts for the rich expire. Revenue.
    Tax corporations that move business seas and make it unprofitable for them to stay overseas bring jobs back and putting Americans back to work. Revenue.
    End the war spending in Iraq and Afghanistan and stop spreading our wealth around countries that are no longer our friends. Mexico and Pakistan. Revenue.
    Temporary raise taxes for all according to income. Even a minute raise will create billions. Revenue.
    Cash only will balance the budget and not taking granny’s shoes away. Taking children’s school lunch away. Laying off government employers which means unemployed do not pay taxes.
    Trying to balance the budget on the backs of seniors, children, disable, poor and unemployed only create more government spending. More people applying for welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, unemployment insurance and medical assistance. More government spending.

    Obama has spending responsibility left to him by Bush and he has to find a way to bring in more revenue to meet those responsibility and not create more spending by cutting granny’s Society Security so she will have to file for food stamps. More spending. Laying off government employers creating more spending.

    Like 1plus 1 equals 2. Employed equal taxes. Taxes equal revenue. Revenue equal paying down the deficit and balancing the budget.
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