Who may attack israel?

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    Who do we assume might attack Israel if Israel continues to follow her present course of action?

    We could posit any number of scenarios and draw conclusions from them.

    Those countries that may be said to be democracies or quasi democracies are the most likely to attack Israel and they include
    in particular
    Iraq and
    Egypt ranks next as a possible attacker,
    followed by Turkey, a much less likely attacker,
    Pakistan and Afghanistan are possible
    but unlikely attackers.

    Because of its influence in th contries of the European Union, Israel formerly had some support in Europe but the weakness of the US military and the now proven inability of the United States to successfully occupy a conquered region has chilled Israel's European support.

    Israel's unhidden and unchecked
    chokehold on the US establishment
    assures Israel of US support.
    But though Israel dominates the US news media,
    and much of the foreign, as well as US domestic, policy,
    the US establishment must, in time,
    come to terms
    with the pro-American,
    anti-Israeli ground swell
    and for such reason
    Israel believes
    that whatever radical action it might take
    should be taken now.

    If their interests were not being directly affected,
    China and Russia would not be active participants,
    but might welcome a limited conflict
    in which they were not directly involved,
    knowing it would be sure to further weaken the United States.

    Fearful of rocking the boats containing the personal wealth of their rulers, , Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, the Emirates Quatar, Kuwait, etc, would avoid commiting themselves to any degree that might prompt uprisings within their own communities.


    [I]Of interest is Russia's willingness to permit us to secure a supply route into Afghanistan.
    The US press attributes such willingness to Russia's own fear of Muslim extemism,
    but such willingness
    almost certainly is based in much part upon a recognition that such a route will encourage the US to further expose itself to further losses in Afghanistan,
    which is a larger and more populous country than Iraq
    and one that has defeated the British three times,
    the Russians once
    and that is presently bleeding the US to dea th.
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    Good to see you on the boards again, Shock. You bring some class to this one.

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