Who awarded official “contractor” for killing innocent Shia-e-Ali?

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    Who awarded official “contractor” for killing innocent Shia-e-Ali & LEA’s ALWAYS silent & ignore the innocent people killing any special reason
    When heard any innocent Muslim DEATH NEWS of Shia-e-Ali or other sect which keep me sad and entire day spending very dull, my question from higher authority who was killed for what reasons or crime? Who is behind in killing all Shia-e-Ali but shame on our Government always remain DEAF, DUMP & BLIND on such issues. Yet how many Shia-e-Ali killers hanged or face punishment who admit that he killed many and make promise if he release in future than he will kill more than why our Government not taking any action? Afraid from these terrorists or those influence able people who responsible and all innocent killing in their shoulders and they are also consider totally a killer.

    Whose instruction all killings are done and what reward or benefit “professional target killers” get from his BOSS to obey when they killed innocent SHIA-E-ALI to reach heaven by short cut way. Those who are using the un-educated and brain wash people and train them by showing a false dream if you killed Shia-e-Ali than per killing you will get 70 HURS when you reach heaven.

    The all killing is done by WAHABI Group ( Sipa-e-Sahab or likeminded Group ) not hidden by any common and surprise LEA’S does not knew where their hideout and if they get full protection and shelter from Government than after killing of innocent why they run away?

    These people (professional target killers ) who have no RELGION and faith in God that after died any are answerable to God and no one can skip from God punishment but why they working totally against Islam and destroying the total peace in the city and always want to creates a atmosphere that disturbance or terrorists activities can be begins any time and no one have sure that no such evil activities do not happened

    I strongly condemn and blame the most responsible for all innocent people killings is our City Police Dept & Rangers including some influence able people working invisible ( providing all facilities and finance including training to these terrorists ).

    In our country which claim that ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN but where no justice, always lack of law & order situation, where killers are always freedom to move freely and without any tension but those who are innocent or protestors always behind the bar or considers they are terrorists or criminals and frame false charges.

    No one yet claim he will stay forever in the world and never die, I do not heard such type of any person yet claimed, than if all have to die one day than if you are spending your life full of sin’s and evils and expect that from false dream any one can reach HEAVEN by killing innocent Shia-e-Ali but reserve his place in HELL for ever and no have power or authority to pick him out from Hell and shift into the Heaven?

    All killers are basically blind followers of YAZADI ( Moradabad ) and by calling countless forever till judgment day comes. Why Wahabi or Yazadi followers feel always pain to see flood of Shia-e-Ali. A unique example of gathering more than 90 Millions Shia-e-Ali from all over the world CNN report a couple of years at Shrine of Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S. Iraq, but if you knew where the big Satan ( Yazadi ) buried which place of world and one remember where he is buried?

    Yes to Unity amongst Muslims, No to shia-sunni sectarianism & other tools of enemies & evils, specially United States always seem busy how to creates fitna amongst Muslims and fuel the fire of difference in the name of Sectarian clashes but in this regard Not a single Shia or Sunni never think to kill any innocents those who are killing have no religion and worst than animal but spoiling the image of Islam entire WEST world.

    Why Government Failed to arrest the killer of Shaheed Askari Raza whose FIR first not registered but after 10 hours protest by brave Shia-e-Ali at Governor House as a protest than awake and registered a FIR but no news any killers face punishment?

    The killing of innocent Shia-e-Ali is not begin yet but the same process which worked at past 14th century back but honest tell what reasons Shia-e-Ali is spread all over the world which is only dua of Hazrat Fatima Zehra S.A. If entire world collective tries to crush Shia Sect they will eliminate Inshahallah but Shia-e-Ali numbers will increase without any failed, if any one any doubt than try it?

    In past Saddam Hussain of Iraq and Shah of Iran did and made innocent killing most of shia-e-Ali but honestly tell which heaven they are now staying and one have any information or contact them after their dead?

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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