While Most States Battle Illegals, MA Dems Battle Sandwiches

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hobbit, Jun 21, 2006.

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    I swear I am not making this up. While my state's (GA) legislature is in a heated battle over the best way to guard against terror attacks and stem the everflowing tide from the southern border, the omnipotent state legislature of that bastion of intelligent thought, MA, is fighting over, of all things, a sandwich.

    The "Fluffernutter," and marshmellow and peanut butter sandwich, has apparently been a childhood favorite for decades in home state of senators Poodle and Drunken Bafoon, but that doesn't matter to state Sen. Jarrett Barrio (D, of course), who was appalled that his child's school would give him such an 'unhealthy' lunch. He thus introduced a bill into the state senate that would forbid schools from serving the sandwich more than once a week. That's right, a bill to ban a sandwich, because, of course, school lunches do far more to spurn childhood obesity than their gluttonous parents who feed adult portions of ribs to their 3 year olds.

    Not to be outdone, Democratic state Senator Kathi-Anne Reinstein, whose district is quite near the company where such sandwiches are made (a Democrat bowing to a business? Heaven forbid!), introduced a counter-bill in the senate to protect this beloved sandwich by declaring it the official state sandwich.

    Not to appear controversial or attempting to destroy the state's beloved sandwich, Barrio co-sponsored the bill, claiming he loved 'Fluff' as much as the next senator, but still sticking by his opinion that schools should cut back on them.

    Honestly, aren't there, like, laws that need making or something? Is this the most important thing they could come up with?

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